Psych consultant needed

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Psych consultant needed

Post  cocoflove on Wed Dec 15, 2010 10:59 pm

As a licensed psychotherapist, I was fairly impressed with the first episode of In Treatment season, it appears that the series could have benefited from a psych consultant (I read that they had used none, incomprehensibly!).

I don't think one needed to be a shrink to have picked up on the Melissa George character's erotic transference WAY before Gabriel Byrne-as-therapist did. How thick could he be? And the fact that a therapist would have patients use a bathroom that has a medicine cabinet that contains not only his personal items but actual medications was utterly lacking in credibility.

Let's hope the coming episodes of [url=]In Treatment dvd[/url]don't have such gaffes of verisimilitude, because it's a unique show.


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