low start but really moving now

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low start but really moving now

Post  cocoflove on Wed Dec 29, 2010 1:08 am

After watching the 12th episode of this show, I found myself thinking just how good [url=http://www.collectcheapdvd.com/products/879-Rubicon-Season-1-DVD-Box-Set.html]Rubicon dvd[/url] is.

I have to admit that it started slowly, but what seem to have been random actions or scenes have been woven into a deeply intriguing plot.
I am a big fan of Breaking Bad and expected a lot from AMC on this one. I am not disappointed. [url=http://www.collectcheapdvd.com/products/879-Rubicon-Season-1-DVD-Box-Set.html]Rubicon dvd set[/url] is one of my favorite shows and my favorite new show.

The acting is very good and the scenes are very believable. The interior shots of their workplace are a great backdrop.

There are a lot of characters, but each has its place in the plot. Each character is subtle but over time distinguishable from each other.


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