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Post  chilling on Tue Jul 19, 2011 12:20 am

PARENT VS. REFEREE; PLAYER VS. PLAYER; PARENT VS. PARENT,A SOCCER FOLLY,The game started off[url=http://www.izdvd.com/goods-747-the-office-seasons-17-dvd-boxset.html]The Office Seasons 1-7 DVD[/url] a group prayer in the middle of the soccer field. Each player beside her soon to be opponent. Prayer is a hard thing for me. It seems to be most often used as a wishing list. But, seeing [url=http://www.izdvd.com/goods-590-desperate-housewives-season-16-dvd-boxset.html]Desperate Housewives dvd[/url] game started this way did make me feel good. (Of course, a group hug would have worked just as well... for me.),Before I begin the Follies, I would like to pose a rhetorical question:Have you EVER in any sport from pee wee to college seen a referee/umpire... [url=http://www.izdvd.com/goods-590-desperate-housewives-season-16-dvd-boxset.html]Desperate Housewives[/url] official, change a call because of something a parent yells from the side line? EVER?


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