one tree hill is the best show for u

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one tree hill is the best show for u

Post  hebbymilk on Thu Jan 20, 2011 11:19 pm

When I first heard about One Tree Hill DVD,I thought it'd just be a nice replacement for Dawson's Creek (RIP, m'dear), which I'd always enjoyed, so I gave OTH a shot. And it started off pretty well- okay, the characters were a little generic, and the storylines all felt a little 'been there, done that', Criminal Minds DVD but only because shows like Dawson's Creek and Roswell had cornered the teen drama genre so well already. Honestly, at first the thing I enjoyed most was the basketball- the games were really exciting, and drew me into the show. This really is a cool show, going from strength to strength throughout the series and hitting home in a lot of ways. If you like good drama and characters you can empathise with, as well as humour, excitement, a great soundtrack (Gavin Degraw, Keane, Maroon 5, Dashboard Confessional, Five for Fighting, Sheryl Crow and Switchfoot to name but a few) and some really kickass basketball games, OTH is the show for you.


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